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About Us

One To One is a global brand that specialises in crafting experiential lighting designs that prioritise aesthetics and experiences. Our team is composed of experts who strike a balance between left-brain logic and right-brain creativity, bridging the gap between creativity and practicality. We seamlessly blend nature-inspired elements through biophilic design, not only to enhance well-being but also to create experiential lighting for our clients. Whether you're an individual or a business, we're ready to bring your lighting vision to life.

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Modus specialises in experiential lighting for One to One projects, collaboarting with architects, engineers, and interior designers in the design process.


Mood offers a curated collection of architectural and decorative lighting products sourced globally. We prioritise quality over brands and focus on innovative delivery methods. Our products are packed by room with QR codes and video guidance, ensuring easy installation for electricians.


Molecule is our technical division, designing products like LED Luxeline when unavailable. They offer expert installation advice, blending engineering with art. They conduct rigorous testing, trials and provide outstanding after-sales support.


Made provides custom lighting solutions and unique artistic installations for One to One, alongside customisable signature lighting collections in which they collaboarte with architects, engineers, and interior designers in the design process. They also offer retail-ready lighting products for instant plug and play use.

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Visi Magazine, 2024

Private Edition, 2024

House & Garden Magazine, 2024

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